Postpone, Don’t Cancel

You’ve made the dif­fi­cult deci­sion to post­pone your wed­ding. Details are chang­ing by the hour and nav­i­gat­ing through wed­ding plan­ning is a chal­lenge, espe­cial­ly right now. We want you to know we are here to help at Gen­er­a­tion Tux. Here are a few tips to ease your con­cerns and make sure your groom, grooms­men, and fam­i­ly look great on your new wed­ding date.

1.) It’s okay if your date is still unde­ter­mined
We under­stand this process can take time. You know you need to post­pone, but you don’t have your new wed­ding date yet. Don’t wor­ry, you can select a tem­po­rary future date for your rental while you sort through the details with your venue and/or wed­ding plan­ner. Once you have the new date, sim­ply update your rental date and you’re all set.

Pro-tip: If you’re look­ing to secure a date in 2020, be flex­i­ble and open to a Fri­day, Sun­day or oth­er week­days.

2.) We have a new wed­ding date
You can move the entire wed­ding par­ty to the new date with the click of a but­ton. Just let us know your new date and any adjust­ments, and we’ll han­dle the details. No addi­tion­al work on your part.

Pro-tip: When post­pon­ing your wed­ding, try to work with your exist­ing wed­ding pros. If you can­cel, you have to start back at step one. Your exist­ing wed­ding pros have all your details and can tran­si­tion every last detail to your new date.

3.) How do I post­pone?

Resched­ul­ing is hard enough, and we want you to know select­ing a new date for your rental is all you need to do. We will han­dle all the tran­si­tion details of your rental and there is no resched­ul­ing fee. We strive to be the eas­i­est part of your wed­ding plan­ning, and we’ve built a process to make it sim­ple and stress-free.

Pro-tip: We’re all in this togeth­er and everyone’s safe­ty and health is our num­ber one pri­or­i­ty. Lean on your wed­ding pros. We want to help you make your wed­ding day hap­pen as easy as pos­si­ble.

4.) I’m try­ing to plan from home, how do I get a suit or tux dur­ing COVID-19?
Since 2014 we have been assist­ing brides and grooms in find­ing their per­fect suit or tuxe­do for their wed­ding day. We’ve made plan­ning from home easy. You can design your per­fect look, get free swatch­es to coor­di­nate col­ors, even get a free home try-on deliv­ered to your door. Find out how it works to get start­ed.


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