We reached out to some wed­ding plan­ners, and friends of Gen­er­a­tion Tux, to get their advice on how cou­ples can keep plan­ning for their wed­ding dur­ing an uncer­tain time. In our sec­ond Q&A, we talked to Amber Ander­son; Wed­ding Plan­ner Coach for Refine for Wed­ding Plan­ners from Austin, TX.

What are some ways cou­ples can con­tin­ue plan­ning dur­ing this time?

The great news in spite of COVID-19, is that it does­n’t have to change much about the plan­ning process. In fact, most of my clients plan remote­ly as it is already! We do things like send tast­ing kits from the bak­er, sam­ples from the sta­tion­aire and of course, send cou­ples to the Gen­tux por­tal for swatch­es that can be sent right to your home

How do you keep the wed­ding par­ty engaged and keep­ing their wed­ding in their plans?

You know your audi­ence best! So if you think they need ongo­ing updates, it’s a good idea to send them. If there is a chance they will check out with too much updat­ing, it might be a good idea to com­pile infor­ma­tion and drip it slow­ly. Regard­less, make your plans clear and easy to under­stand by using bul­let points. If things are still on track, make sure they know that! I’d also love to see cou­ples vir­tu­al hap­py hours for their wed­ding par­ty to get to know each oth­er and sup­port each oth­er right now. Send­ing them a thank you card for being on your team dur­ing this time or sim­ply ask­ing how they are doing is a way to boost their morale and keep them engaged. Keep­ing them on track with things like the Gen­tux por­tal and attire is anoth­er thing they can focus on right now. If they are look­ing for projects, see if they will help stuff invi­ta­tions or give you ideas for your gift reg­istry. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to a cou­ple read­ing this after mak­ing the deci­sion to post­pone?

Head­space is impor­tant no mat­ter what is hap­pen­ing in the wed­ding plan­ning process. This was crit­i­cal before COVID-19 and now it’s non-nego­tiable. Head­space will make or break a wed­ding. Your feel­ings are real and you’re allowed to grieve, and you should. But do make space for pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions, per­spec­tive and find­ing the sil­ver lin­ing where you can. If you can focus on enter­ing a strong mar­riage, it will give you a lot of ener­gy for sus­tain­ing a less than ide­al engage­ment sto­ry. 

Clos­ing thoughts… 

I’ve expe­ri­enced a lot of tragedy in my life equal to los­ing a wed­ding and if you don’t hear any­thing in all of this, at least hear that some­one else under­stands the loss of an expec­ta­tion is dev­as­tat­ing. But it opens new doors and I promise your sto­ry has the poten­tial to be real­ly incred­i­ble. Wed­dings are lost every week­end, we just don’t hear about them because it’s not on a mass scale like we are see­ing right now. I can tell you that each and every cou­ple I’ve had that has had to adjust their wed­ding expec­ta­tions, actu­al­ly end­ed up lov­ing their cel­e­bra­tion more than I see those that had the tra­di­tion­al out­ing. Per­spec­tive and focus on love makes all the dif­fer­ence in the world, no mat­ter the out­come of a par­ty. 


For more infor­ma­tion on how Gen­er­a­tion Tux is help­ing cou­ples plan dur­ing the COVID-19 sit­u­a­tion, click here.


Amber Ander­son — Wed­ding Plan­ner Coach

Refine for Wed­ding Plan­ners


Check out a few pic­tures from our lat­est styled shoot with Amber, fea­tur­ing our Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit.

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