Trends on Their Way Out in 2020

Just as each year brings a fresh crop of wed­ding trends, there are also fads that will soon find them­selves off the “in” list. From col­ors and cake to fash­ion and flo­rals, styles change—and brides and grooms will sure­ly want to keep track of what’s in and what’s out before they final­ize the details of their big day. With that in mind, take a look at these 10 once-pop­u­lar trends that wed­ding pros pre­dict will be sun­set­ting in 2020.

All White Décor. While this was once con­sid­ered edgy, Eddie Zarat­sian of Eddie Zarat­sian Lifestyle & Design points out that plan­ners are now see­ing cou­ples embrace bold, earthy shades and cir­cle back to jew­el tones. “Rather than just a ‘pop’ of col­or, decor and flo­rals are sat­u­rat­ing wed­dings with vibrance, as opposed to white and neu­tral palettes that can feel one-dimen­sion­al,” he says.

Large Bash­es. Even before recent world events, many cou­ples were mov­ing towards more inti­mate affairs.

Fam­i­ly-Style Seat­ing. We can blame Covid-19 for putting the kibosh on this once-pop­u­lar way of din­ing.  Trip Wheel­er of SB Val­ue pre­dicts that social dis­tanc­ing will be key in 2021, with few­er guests seat­ed at each table.

Naked Cakes. This trend is offi­cial­ly done, says Heather Jones of Wente Vine­yards. Instead, cou­ples are see­ing the appeal of ful­ly decked out wed­ding cakes with an array of gourmet fla­vors and frost­ings.

Strict Dress Codes. Cou­ples are get­ting less rigid when it comes to attire for their wed­ding day. Grooms, for exam­ple, are opt­ing more for a suit and acces­sories they find most com­fort­able, rather than feel­ing restrict­ed by a par­tic­u­lar set of rules, says Valenti­na Ring of The Stars Inside.

Flower Walls & Bal­loon Back­drops. “They have got­ten super pop­u­lar, but I see this trend fad­ing away in 2020,” says Marie Kubin of Rent My Wed­ding.

Dis­pos­able Items. With each pass­ing year, cou­ples become much more eco-friend­ly. And it’s not just in the items they’ll use on the wed­ding day, but also in what they’re wear­ing. Many brides are opt­ing to buy sec­ond­hand design­er gowns, while grooms are rent­ing their wed­ding day look instead of buy­ing a suit or tux they might only wear once.

Now that you’ve seen the trends to avoid, be sure to take a look at some of the more pop­u­lar suit, tux and acces­so­ry options we have so you can stand out on your wed­ding day.


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