2020 Best Colors for Summer Weddings | Expert’s Advice

When it comes to sum­mer wed­ding col­ors, cou­ples might assume they need to stick with the season’s tra­di­tion­al pas­tel palette. But this is actu­al­ly the right time to get more cre­ative when pair­ing hues for your day. “Sum­mer wed­dings are the per­fect time to ramp up your col­or palette, and there are a few com­bi­na­tions that are par­tic­u­lar­ly trendy for this year,” says Karen Nori­an of Sim­ply Eloped.

So whether you’re putting the final touch­es on your upcom­ing sum­mer nup­tials or plan­ning for next year, take a look at the col­or com­bos that are sure to make your wed­ding day pic­ture per­fect.

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Clas­sic Blue & Coral

Not only is this Pantone’s Col­or of the Year, but it is also a wed­ding favorite because it match­es well with many accent col­ors, notes Shel­ley Grieshop of Total­ly Pro­mo­tion­al.  She sug­gests pair­ing it with coral for a beach wed­ding, while oth­er pop­u­lar match­es include peach, pale ivory and seafoam. 

Ter­ra­cot­ta, Yel­low & Blush

This bright and sum­mery com­bo is per­fect for a bou­quet, brides­maid dress­es, or your recep­tion décor, says Nori­an.

Sun­set Hues

Yel­lows, hot pink, oranges, and pale pinks are hot for sum­mer because of that gold­en hour when the cou­ple is cap­tured dur­ing sun­set, says Bri­an Wor­ley of B. Wor­ley Pro­duc­tions.

“These col­ors are hap­py, bright and when the days are longer, it is always nice to let col­or in the decor act as your light when event/ wed­ding light­ing will not start to illu­mi­nate until lat­er dur­ing the recep­tion,” he explains.

Sage, Pale Blue & Navy

Nori­an explains that Sage, Pale Blue & Navy are clas­sic col­ors that work beau­ti­ful­ly togeth­er to give the event an ele­gant, time­less look. 

Trop­i­cal Shades & Gold

Sum­mer is the per­fect time for bright trop­i­cal col­ors—bright pur­ples, pinks and blues—paired with a touch of gold, says Frances Goss of Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa.

Pink & Bur­gundy

Pair­ing the light with the dark can give your wed­ding a sophis­ti­cat­ed air. Rosy Nuboer of Hyatt Regency Aru­ba Resort Spa and Casi­no sug­gests using dif­fer­ent shades of pink and adding some touch­es of bur­gundy.

Marigold, Fuch­sia & Teal

These col­ors are bold but stun­ning and scream “sum­mer­time” when paired togeth­er, says Nori­an.

Brown, Red, & Peach

While this might not seem like a sum­mer palette, Adri Smith of Moss Flo­ral says that the mix of choco­late brown, rust red, and gold­en brown—con­trast­ed with light peach—gives the day a dra­mat­ic appeal.

White & Green

This is a clas­sic look that is a hit with cou­ples get­ting mar­ried in the sum­mer, says Nuboer. 

Hot Pink & Lime Green

These bright com­ple­men­tary col­ors are peren­ni­al favorites at sum­mer wed­dings, says Sage McRae of Sage McRae Event Design.

Sher­bet Col­ors & Metallics

Wor­ley rec­om­mends using sher­bet col­ors (light pink, pur­ple, orange) and pair­ing them with mixed metallics. “This mix­ture of mut­ed col­ors and mixed metallics are mod­ern, sophis­ti­cat­ed and clas­sic,” he explains.


Blush, Gold & For­est Green

“Per­fect for a sum­mer wed­ding, this col­or com­bi­na­tion is soft and airy, but gives just enough pop to make a state­ment,” says Nori­an.

Once you’ve cho­sen the right sum­mer col­ors for your wed­ding, start plan­ning your wed­ding day look. You can eas­i­ly include some of the season’s most pop­u­lar col­ors and designs with our vari­ety of suit, tux and acces­so­ry options!



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