Adjusting your Spring Wedding to Fall with Destination I Do

Many cou­ples planned their per­fect Spring Wed­ding, but ulti­mate­ly had to post­pone due to the health and safe­ty guide­lines of COVID-19. After all that plan­ning, it can feel over­whelm­ing to shift your Spring theme to a Fall theme. We teamed up with Des­ti­na­tion I Do and oth­er Indus­try Experts to pro­vide some advice and guid­ance to cou­ples chang­ing their Spring Wed­ding to a Fall Wed­ding.



Fall Wedding with Bride and Groom

5 Color Trends for a Fabulous Fall Wedding

Cou­ples love say­ing I Do in the fall. In fact, 36 per­cent have cho­sen to get mar­ried in the fall, with Octo­ber being the most pop­u­lar wed­ding month for the past few years (Sep­tem­ber is now the sec­ond most pop­u­lar).

Groom wearing a Generation Tux Tan Sharkskin Suit

The sea­son is beloved by brides and grooms for good rea­son. Not only is the weath­er usu­al­ly pleas­ant, but the rich autumn col­ors make for a beau­ti­ful back­drop for pho­tos. Those hues can also be a great jump­ing off point when decid­ing on the col­ors that will make up your big day. Remem­ber, what­ev­er you choose will impact every­thing from the invites and flow­ers to the décor and, of course, the bridal par­ty attire. So before you start build­ing your own wed­ding day suit or tux, take a look at five of the hottest col­or trends for this fall.


Groom and Groomsmen wearing Generation Tux Mystic Blue Suit with Burgundy Bowtie


The 2020 Pan­tone Col­or of the Year—Classic Blue—is a per­fect base col­or for a fall wed­ding, says Mary Angeli­ni of Key Moment Films. And our Gen­er­a­tion Tux Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence team has also been see­ing many requests for Mys­tic or Navy blue suits, which can be com­bined with a vari­ety of col­ors for that per­fect look, includ­ing Mer­lot, San­gria or Hunter Green.


Groom wearing Generation Tux Black Peak Lapel Tux


Deep pur­ple, plum, and vio­let are hot com­modi­ties for fall col­ors this year, says Eddie Zarat­sian of Eddie Zarat­sian Lifestyle & Design.  “We’re see­ing vary­ing gra­di­ents of these col­ors being used, and even paired with a warm marigold to bright­en up the atmos­phere. These deep hues look best with an array of tex­tures and metallics—gold accents and vel­vet, for exam­ple!”


Groom wearing Generation Tux Charcoal Gray Tux with Emerald Tie


Rich and bold jew­el tones—reminiscent of the foliage that make fall such a gor­geous season—can cre­ate a tru­ly mem­o­rable col­or scheme. “My favorites right now are shades of cream and brown with pops of jew­el tones: emer­ald, ruby, amethyst,” explains Lind­say Par­rott of P3 Events. “All are strik­ing with­out being over-the-top.”


Groom and Groomsmen wearing Generation Tux Black Notch Lapel Tux


Don’t feel like you need to stick with tra­di­tion­al fall col­ors for your big day. Ole­ta Collins of Flour­ish­ing Art Design Stu­dio sug­gests choos­ing bold­er hues such as yel­low or even a cream­si­cle orange into the event—and both can be used with more sub­tle tones to make them fit the sea­son.


Groom wearing Generation Tux Iron Gray Suit with Chianti Rose Bow Tie


Cou­ples look­ing for a more mut­ed, but still stun­ning look, can start with a grey base (think an Iron Grey suit). This neu­tral can be paired with what­ev­er col­or desired. For exam­ple, does the bride love pink? Grey and blush make for a roman­tic pair­ing, while opt­ing for hot pink leads to a tru­ly show­stop­ping duo.


Groom wearing Generation Tux Gray Sharkskin Suit

What­ev­er col­or com­bo you choose, you can eas­i­ly incor­po­rate it into your wed­ding day look, whether it’s the entire suit or the acces­sories that can bring your per­son­al style to the next lev­el.


14 Boho Wedding Pics You Must See

The “bohemi­an” lifestyle is all about art, liv­ing free, and pas­sion. In recent years  boho chic has become a pop­u­lar wed­ding theme, and for good rea­son. Boho Chic wed­dings pro­vide cou­ples with  a mem­o­rable and excit­ing way to tie the knot. This theme cre­ates space for express­ing indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, embrac­ing a love of adven­ture, and offer­ing guests an ele­gant and unfor­get­table event. 

Boho wed­dings are not one-size-fits-all. That’s what makes them unique and excit­ing. Throw­ing a suc­cess­ful boho-style wed­ding  involves you and your part­ner incor­po­rat­ing ele­ments of your life and love into your Big Day. Boho wed­ding venues are as diverse as their themes and can include any­thing from a cozy café to a funky art gallery or out­door space. Regard­less of venue choice, you can not for­get the suit or tux. Your style choice can be as refined as plac­ing your twist on a clas­sic tux or just keep­ing it relaxed in an open col­lar shirt with a slate blue suit. 

If you and your fiance are plan­ning a boho-style wed­ding, you have plen­ty of options to choose from with Gen­er­a­tion Tux. If you need some inspi­ra­tion, check out our gallery to see what oth­er boho cou­ples like you have done. To make life eas­i­er, we’ve col­lect­ed some of our favorite cus­tomer boho wed­ding pic­tures from the past few years to inspire the boho chic wed­ding of your dreams. Click the images to see the fea­tured suit and start build­ing your per­fect look.


If these looks have you feel­ing inspired, we have some great news. With Gen­er­a­tion Tux, you can start cre­at­ing your own boho-style wed­ding look today. We have all the tools you need to get start­ed— includ­ing a col­lec­tion of 21 meri­no wool suits and tuxe­dos, all of which can be per­son­al­ized with hun­dreds of acces­sories and col­or options. Once you’ve put your look togeth­er, we’ll ask you a few ques­tions to ensure that you’ll get the right fit;  no shop vis­its or mea­sur­ing tape required. From there, you can add your grooms­men to your order and we’ll fol­low up with them on things like mea­sure­ments. Want to see our fab­ric col­ors in real life? Order some free col­or swatch­es and then take advan­tage of our free Home Try-On ses­sion, where you get 48 hours to make sure the out­fit you chose is what you want. Once every­thing is con­firmed, your final look will arrive on your doorstep 14 days before your boho chic wed­ding.

Pick Your Look Now

Once you’ve gone from engaged to new­ly­weds, we’d love to see YOUR boho wed­ding pic­tures. We’ll even post some of our favorites to our gallery, so oth­er sim­i­lar­ly-mind­ed cou­ples can draw #inspo from your event.

Tuxedo and Suit Fitting for Beginners: How Should a Tux or Suit Fit?

You could be wear­ing the most gor­geous suit in the world, but it’ll only look great if it actu­al­ly fits. If you’re unsure of “how should a tuxe­do fit?”, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

Fit is the num­ber one most impor­tant ele­ment of a good-look­ing suit. You can have the best fab­rics, the coolest shoes or the most orig­i­nal tie, but if the suit doesn’t fit prop­er­ly, it won’t look good. And you deserve to look your best.

Does James Bond ever have his pants pool­ing over his shoes? Would Frank Sina­tra get caught dead with a jack­et that bulged at the but­tons? The man should wear the suit. The suit shouldn’t wear the man.

To help you on your red car­pet style pur­suit, here’s our defin­i­tive guide to ensur­ing your suit or tux looks like you know what you’re doing


The jack­et is the inte­gral part of a suit or tuxe­do. It’s what real­ly makes a suit a suit. And while, yes, pants are so impor­tant, it’s the jack­et that every­one will notice first. Every part of the jack­et should fit in all the right places to ensure the sharpest look pos­si­ble.

Where should the bottom of my jacket land?

The hem of a prop­er­ly fit­ted suit or tuxe­do should hit around the mid­dle of your hand, when your arms are casu­al­ly at your sides. Too high and you get a flare above your butt. Too long and you’ll be swim­ming in it.

Pro Tip: The sweet spot of jack­et length is right where your butt starts to curve inward


The shirt sleeve should land nat­u­ral­ly at your wrist where your hand starts to widen. The jack­et sleeve should end with enough room to show off about a half inch of your shirt sleeve. No more, no less. You can show off your cuf­flinks and won’t look like you’re wear­ing some­one else’s jack­et.

Pro Tip: Make sure your shirt is ful­ly but­toned and tucked in to gauge the prop­er sleeve length. Yes, that includes that pesky col­lar button—if your shirt is the right size, a too-tight col­lar should­n’t be an issue.


With a two-but­ton jack­et, you should only but­ton the top one. With a three-but­ton jack­et, always but­ton the top one and whether or not to but­ton the mid­dle but­ton is up to you. Always leave the bot­tom but­ton undone. The bot­tom but­ton is also often left undone for vests as well. For a one-but­ton jack­et, always but­ton it.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to take a seat, remem­ber to unbut­ton your jack­et. It’s more com­fort­able and it pre­vents your jack­et from bunch­ing around the chest.

Too Tight or Too Loose?

  • If you see an “x” shape in the chest after but­ton­ing up, your jack­et is too tight.
  • If you see a gap behind your neck, your jack­et is too loose.
  • Your shoul­ders should lie flat and should not have bunchy, tight wrin­kles or loose lumps.

Pro Tip: The shoul­ders of your suit or tuxe­do jack­et are the most dif­fi­cult part to adjust. So if you’re buy­ing or rent­ing from a store, make sure your shoul­ders are cor­rect before order­ing or get­ting alter­ations.

groom in blue suit trying shoes


Okay, so, yes, we made jack­ets sound way more impor­tant in the pre­vi­ous sec­tion, but don’t get us wrong. Pants are still impor­tant. They are pants, after all. If you want to look your tallest and lean­est, make sure you have your pants fit­ted prop­er­ly.

Where should my waistband sit?

Make sure that your pants waist sits right at your nat­ur­al waist, or right below your bel­ly but­ton.  That way, your pants won’t be too long and your look won’t be slop­py.

Pro Tip: Use sus­penders to main­tain the appro­pri­ate tuxe­do pant length, while adding clas­sic flair to your look.


Your pants should have about a half inch break, land­ing at the back of the shoe. Try on your pants with the shoes you are wear­ing to the event. Should your pants bunch up slight­ly around your ankles, check to make sure your pant waist is where it should be — just below your belly­but­ton. This should allow for a more nat­ur­al break in the pant. We repeat — do not leave the house with pants that are pool­ing at the ankles.


While the pant cut for a suit or tuxe­do may not be as form-fit­ting as your every­day wear, you can choose a slim fit pant to repli­cate that more close­ly-fit­ted look if you pre­fer.

The seat of your pants should be a smooth drape over the shape of your butt. The fab­ric should lie loose against your under­wear and not feel too tight when you sit down. To spot a bad fit, you’ll see hor­i­zon­tal wrin­kles direct­ly beneath the butt for a fit that is too tight and long, u‑shaped folds down the back of the legs for a fit that is too loose.


Either sus­penders or a belt can be worn with a suit, but only sus­penders should be worn with a tuxe­do. Tuxe­do pants do not have belt loops, just in case you for­get which one goes with a tux.

Repeat after me: I will not wear a belt with tuxe­do pants. I will not wear a belt with tuxe­do pants.

Generation Tux fit infographic

These rules are the sta­ples for wear­ing a suit or tuxe­do. This is one of the biggest days of your life and you deserve to look your absolute best—which means fol­low­ing all the rules, even if they’re a has­sle. Yes, we know it’s a lot to keep up with, but trust us. Those wed­ding pho­tos are for­ev­er and if your wear­ing an ill-fit­ting suit in them, your bride will be salty about it for years to come.

Ready to pick a look now? With 21 suit and tuxe­do styles and thou­sands of acces­so­ry options, we have just what you’re look­ing for for your big day. Not to men­tion our easy online process makes choos­ing the groom­swear one less thing you have to wor­ry about. See what we have to offer to make your union extra­or­di­nary.

Pick Your Per­fect Look

Plan Everything for the Groom and Groomsmen at Home

Since 2014, Gen­er­a­tion Tux has been sav­ing couple’s time, mon­ey and san­i­ty for their wed­ding. Best part? We have been sav­ing all this from the com­fort of home. — No stores, no traf­fic, no pick­ing the suit or tux up the day before the wed­ding. Just a sim­ple process that gives cou­ples con­trol to plan their per­fect day and get a pre­miere qual­i­ty suit or tux deliv­ered to the doors of their entire wed­ding par­ty 14 days before your event. 

So, whether you have rent­ed from us pre­vi­ous­ly or you and your part­ner are spend­ing time at home plan­ning your big day, we are the best suit and tuxe­do rental solu­tion for any event. 

Learn how to rent it right with our rec­om­mend­ed process below:


Design Your Per­fect Look

Time­line: 6 — 12 months before your wed­ding date

Grab your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er, sit them on the couch and start build­ing your per­fect suit or tux for your wed­ding. We fea­ture over 21 suit and tuxe­do styles designed in both mod­ern and slim fits. Acces­sories? We have thou­sands of col­or com­bi­na­tions and the shoes to match. Find what you love and pin it to your wed­ding board. 


Get The Col­ors Right

Time­line: 6 — 12 months, as soon as you get your col­ors set 

Think you got the right look? Let’s make sure the col­ors match. Use our FREE Swatch pro­gram. At absolute­ly no cost, we will deliv­er swatch­es to your door so that you can make sure the col­ors are per­fect for your big day. 


Try It Before You Rent It

Time­line: 3 — 6 months before your wed­ding date

Got the col­ors you want? Time to time to make sure the fit is per­fect with our FREE Home Try-on pro­gram. For 48 hours we will let you walk a mile in our shoes, lit­er­al­ly. We will send you the look that you built so that you and your part­ner can make sure that you love the style. 


Some Things In Life Are Free

No catch. No bait and switch. With 5 paid rentals in your par­ty your suit or tux is free. And for a lim­it­ed time, we will even give you your suit for free to keep with 7 paid rentals. So make sure every­one is invit­ed. Dads, ring bear­ers, even the cousin you have as an ush­er. The pics will look amaz­ing. We promise. 


Get To Know Us

We aren’t rook­ies in this game. We have fit over 200,000 peo­ple like you from bed­rooms and liv­ing rooms all across Amer­i­ca. With 5 star rat­ings on the Knot and Wed­ding­Wire, we think once you get to know us, you are going to love us. See what peo­ple like you are say­ing


All this and you nev­er left your couch. Look­ing good has nev­er been this easy.